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PROUD Academy inclusively educates LGBTQ+ students and their allies in a safe and affirming learning community, free from bullying and harassment. We are a mosaic community in which students thrive in the truth and strength of their identities and self-expressions.


PROUD students are empowered to take their rightful places in shaping a positive and accepting world.


PROUD Students

SHINE Their Light!

Persevere to be the best version of yourself, engaging in an inclusive curriculum, confidently interacting with others, and advocating for your social-emotional needs.

Respect yourself and others, recognizing the value in each person while embracing the diversity within and outside of our learning community. 

Open-mindedly commit to bridging understanding and practicing peaceful problem-solving.

Unapologetically and proudly acknowledge that you are your strength, encouraging others to share themselves openly throughout their life.

Demonstrate truth and strength in your identity and voice through social engagement and advocacy.

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